About a year ago, Google enhanced their business registry for search, called Google My Business, with something they call “Posts.” These posts are kinda like mini-advertisements that appear alongside your Google My Business listing when a web visitor searches for and gets your business as a result. It looks like this one below (a search for the local real estate firm and client “RealBama“):


google my business for realbama

If you’re not already using Google My Business, your company’s info won’t show up as nice and neat as the one shown above. As such, it’s a must for small business website owners to ensure they have claimed their business profile with Google’s registry.

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In fact, you should probably head on over to https://www.google.com/business/ before reading the rest of this post and sign up now for free, then verify your business location and information. This article will help you do so in just a few minutes. After you’re done, come on back.

Now, as for Google My Business Posts, well, they’re arguably becoming the single most powerful feature of Google My Business. What are they?

Simply put, Posts are additional bits of information you can share about your business and which also appears on your business listing when a user sees your listing in Google Search. In the above image, the posts are this portion:

realbama google my business posts

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They can be one of the following kinds of things:

  • Info (a.k.a. “What’s New”) – You can post a photo and a link back to your website for just about any kind of news or info you want your prospective customers to see when they see your listing.
  • Events – Want to share info on an event? Create a quick post, add your details and an image and web searchers will see it.
  • Offers – Got a coupon or running a special? Post it here so web searchers see it.
  • Products – Promoting a certain product or service? Get the word out every time a searcher sees your company listing in Google.

It seems too that Google is actively adding to this list as they improve the service.

To create a post, it takes only moments and you can choose an image, plus a “call to action,” (a.k.a. button) with different actions and web links:

realbama gmb post screen

For the best results, it’s always good to link back to a relevant page on your own website. Always – always – remember to set a high-quality image for your post or your entry simply won’t be visually appealing and you’ll lose the chance to get a searcher to click into your site.

It’s best to post frequently using Google My Business as it keeps your info current. Data shows that most purchase decisions begin with Google search and most searchers are less likely to click on or choose entries with old, outdated information on them. If you want to give yourself the best chance at converting someone who sees your entry while searching, it’s a must to post regular, highly-enticing content in your posts.

SEO Boost from Google My Business Posts

Google is actively developing and improving both the functionality and appearance of their Google My Business Posts. The functionality is really being shown to help searchers make better purchase decisions and help businesses put their best company image in a place where they’re most likely to be seen by prospective customers.

But does it help with SEO?

Recently, the fine folks over at Search Engine Land did an in-depth study on the effect of Posts. What they found is that, indeed, Google M Business posts do provide some boost to your website’s SEO. In particular, they came to the following conclusions:

  1. Based on what we’re seeing for this case and others that we are testing, I think Google Posts do have a mild impact on ranking. These tests were purposely done in non-competitive industries, so it might not be enough to produce movement in some scenarios.

  2. Google Posts are low-impact, low-effort tasks. They should be combined with other tasks to help improve Local SEO for a small business.

  3. The rankings maintained themselves weeks after we stopped posting on the listings. This is different from what has been observed about posting on social platforms such as Google Plus.

Since most small businesses already have websites that seriously underperform with respect to SEO, any help can be a big help. And Google My Business is a simple, fast way for small business owners to help themselves for free and without needing any special technical knowledge. Try it today!

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