Last week here at VandalsSmile we launched the first in a series of industry-specific digital lead generation solutions to help businesses grow their revenues from leads on the web, mobile, and social media.

Real Estate Seller Leads are Hardest to Get

Aimed at helping real estate brokerages who want to gather a higher volume of seller leads and listings, the new offering is called “MoneyInMyHome” and it’s sold to exclusively to only one brokerage or real estate team per zip code or set of zips that demonstrates a high degree of commitment to customer services, technology, and digital marketing.


Buy Your Zip – We Set Up Your Exclusive Lead Site

By buying their chosen zip codes exclusively, a brokerage is then able to offer homeowners in their areas the ability to get instant, online home value estimates that are both accurate and more informative. The MoneyInMyHome web application is set up specifically for a given market and pulls home value estimates from a variety of accurate, trustworthy sources and also accounts for recent appreciation and home value trends.
online home pricing estimates

Home sellers search for high-volume keywords and phrases on Google like “what’s my home worth?” or “online home price estimator,” land on the broker’s exclusive site built just for their cities and then get a home value estimate. When the homeowner signs up, they automatically get an email autoreply introducing them to the MoneyInMyHome exclusive brokerage complete with contact info and more information. The MoneyInMyHome subscriber then gets the sign-up as a seller lead via email and SMS text for immediate follow-up.

moneyinmyhome valuations partners

Brokerages who buy the service get the advanced web application tailored to users in their zip codes. The website is not only tailored in terms of look and feel, but we also configure the site to have great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We even run continuous monthly ads for the site targeting homeowners in the local area!

That means homeowners in their area who Google things like “how much is my home worth?” will find their local site via ads too where they can sign up to get instant home value estimates – and become seller leads!


Again, as users sign up and check the value of their homes, the exclusive real estate partner brokerage gets their information instantly via email and SMS text message so they can quickly follow up with the seller and gain them as a client listing.

If your brokerage could use more seller leads (who’s can’t?), contact us now for pricing info to buy your zips exclusively and keep your competition out.

Buy Your Zip Code – Get More Seller Leads for Real Estate