Is your small business website doing well in Google search? If not, why are you sticking with it?

Because, on average, search engine leads close at a rate of 14.6% as opposed to a 1.7% close rate for the more traditional, outbound marketing most common in small business today (such as direct mail, flyers, print ads, trade shows, billboards, radio, etc.)

For every 100 leads you get, that’s 15 you’ll get to become new customers as opposed to about 2. That means sticking with a website that’s not getting search visits is costing you quite a lot.

Yet most business owners don’t really know whether their site is doing well in search or not. Even more shocking, each week here at VandalsSmile we meet with clients the majority of whom do know their site isn’t doing well, but they don’t do anything about it.

Why? Here’s a list of things we regularly hear:

  • I get most of my business from friends and family
  • I don’t have time to mess with websites and SEO
  • I’ve been burned by SEO experts and got nothing
  • Local customers in my area don’t use Google search
  • Moving websites is such a pain
  • I can’t ever tell if my site is working or not, so why bother
  • Leads that come in from the web never pay off

And, the biggie…

  • My website looks good, so it’s fine

For many, it’s also a matter of them not understanding exactly how important having good SEO and a website that performs well means to their business. Just check out these eye-popping statistics and you’ll quickly see why being in the dark is so dangerous.


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For most though, it’s simply a matter of cost.

When searching for a website, most business owners go with low-cost offerings from one of the local national providers like GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly or any one of thousands of others. It makes logical sense, of course, but the decision is made without fully understanding the downsides of getting a cheap website that may look ok but does nothing to help grow a business or get leads.

So, why don’t these sites help?

  • Google tweaks its algorithms 500-600 times a year so sites must constantly keep pace
  • Customers change the way they search from month to month and markets change too, so keyword strategy must be initially performed and continually updated based on new research
  • Search engine marketing technology for websites is very dynamic and requires constant attention to your site to keep it updated
  • Engineering and expert talent is expensive and mass-market sites can’t afford to provide continually-focused SEO attention to your specific site and area
  • Google values website content “freshness” highly, so sites that don’t change and produce new, relevant content drop out of the index
  • Engaging website visitors and turning them into leads requires lots of tools, techniques and trial and error that are not included

And the biggie…

  • Building a successful conversion machine, a.k.a. your website requires paying close attention to your site’s performance to quickly see and┬ámeasure data to improve your SEO based on your website’s performance

All in all, what you’re really getting with these sites that don’t rank in Google search is just an online business card, not an active tool that helps you:

  • Grow your digital presence in a world where digital marketing is becoming everything
  • Get leads ahead of competitors in your local area
  • Increase the volume of your business by attracting new customers outside your existing networks
  • Build revenue with younger, more tech-savvy and dependent audiences (Millenials anyone?)
  • Expand the reach of your brand and reputation

So how do you fix it? Well, for starters, actually making a decision to do something about it is key. To do so, overcoming your own harmful objections and realizing that what you’re paying for isn’t helping you is a must.

Then, you want to get a website that’s built custom for you and your market from the start and includes the latest search engine marketing components that are kept in sync and updated. As well, you need a site that is monitored continuously for its search performance and fixed based on issues as they arise to make sure your site not only stays indexed but improves its performance in search. Plus, you need a site that’s easy to add content to and one that drives leads it creates to your email, SMS or CRM in real-time.

Most importantly, you want all this while creating as little burden as possible on your time and energy. After all, your full-time job is your full-time job, not web development, SEO, and digital marketing.


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