Growing a small business in today’s age of technology can be tough. Not only is technology moving ahead faster than business owners can keep up, it’s confusing and costly too.

Plus, the local and national vendors that provide web marketing services more often than not prey on small business owners. They use their lack of technical knowledge and experience to sell them on things that don’t work and that they don’t need.

This all makes it hard for businesses to take advantage of growing their revenues via the wellspring that is digital marketing. Many times, the bad experiences owners have with web developers and marketing professionals can even sour them on doing any future marketing at all. That usually means more savvy competitors seize the opportunity to gain an edge or take over local markets outright.

Sometimes businesses even go out of business because of it.

On June 1st, VandalThe no BullS%$T Guide to web marketing for small business owners BOOK COVERsSmile Publishing is releasing the first in a series of books designed to help small business owners get ahead with digital marketing, web, and mobile technologies. The first book is called “The No Bulls%&t Guide to Web Marketing for Small Business Owners.”¬†

It’s less than 100 pages and written in an easy-to-read style without any techie mumbo-jumbo that owners can’t use anyway.

The book has only three chapters plus an intro and a conclusion:

  • Introduction: The Digital Treadmill
  • Chapter 1: What is Digital Marketing Anyway?
  • Chapter 2: How Am I Doing it Wrong?
  • Chapter 3: How Do I Fix it?
  • Conclusion

Business owners will not only learn all the basics they need to know, they’ll learn what kinds of things are holding them back and how to quickly correct the problems. Most notably, you’ll learn the simple formula for getting your¬†business back on track with digital marketing. If you care about increasing revenues over the long-term and simplifying what you need to do to get there, don’t miss out on buying this book. It will take you only a couple of hours to read and will give you a clear recipe for success.

It’s available now on Amazon’s Kindle here and can be ordered on our website for a 10% discount too.

UPDATE! Thanks to all who made our first release the Top New Release in Small Business on Amazon for the week! It’s now only $2.99! Buy now!

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