Google had revenues of $110.8 billion dollars in 2017. By comparison, the entire GDP of New Zealand is around $180 billion. Yeah. And, what’s more, a whopping 86.9% of Google’s revenue last year was generated by digital advertising sales to help businesses market their wares – and allow web searchers to find them.

As you let it soak in just how valuable and profitable Google is, think about your own small business website and ask yourself one question:

If Google made Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO,” easy and straightforward to do, couldn’t everyone do it, boost their websites, and put Google out of the staggeringly lucrative advertising business?

Even another way to put it, if you think whatever you’re doing with respect to SEO is all you need to do to get more web visitors, leads, and customers from the web and mobile, I have some beautiful swamp–, er, “water-privileged” acreage in Florida to sell you.

Ocean views too, y’all.

The truth is, for Google, SEO is a critical requirement, but it’s more like a pre-requisite to enter the marketing game and not the “end-all, be-all” key to guaranteeing the successful growth of your small business.

You see, as with most things in life, the best way to grow your business on the web is through balance.

What’s that mean, exactly?

Well, it means you have to ensure your website is well-configured for SEO (both Technical and Content SEO) to give yourself the best shot at being seen in Google search.

BUT, it also means you must actively market your products and services to your customer audience to attract them to your business via small business advertising on the web, social media, and mobile.

Good SEO + Good Digital Ads = Guaranteed Marketing Success

Companies in the U.S. spend billions each year on digital advertising – and it’s growing. Every ask yourself why? I have a saying that whenever you wonder about a question, the most obvious answer is usually the right one.

In this case, the answer is…because it works.

Simply, put, if you don’t actively put your business in front of customers likely to be interested or need what you have to offer, they’ll choose someone who does.

So, what’s digital advertising anyway?

Well, I recently covered all you need to know in our latest VandalsSmile series of books on marketing for small business, “The No Bulls%&t Guide to Web Marketing for Small Business Owners.” You can get the 50-page book on Amazon here for a mere $2.99, but suffice to say, digital ads are typically:

  • Search Index Ads (i.e., Search Engine Marketing or “SEM”) – These look like Google search results and show up when people search Google alongside other “organic,” or SEO-driven, results.
  • Display Ads – These show up on sites that support ads and have a visual component to them
  • Retargeting Ads – These ads are display ads that you see over and over on other sites after visiting sites that run them.
  • Social Media Ads – Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn and the like.
  • Video Ads – These ads, simply enough, are usually display ads that run videos.

Each type of advertising has its purposes and benefits as detailed in my book. As well, each has different ways to reach just the right audience that is most likely to convert into a new customer or lead for your business.

Using data analysis, skill, and research, customer-focused marketing companies like VandalsSmile help small businesses make the most of advertising by designing very focused ad campaigns designed to meet your objectives for your business. Sadly, too often most marketing firms just set a budget and run indiscriminate ads for your business, which wastes your money and, as a result, has given effective digital advertising a bad name with small business owners.

It’s most sad because most small businesses can spend small amounts of money each month to get a much, much bigger gain for their companies in the form of new sales, new customers, new leads, and improved brand and reputation standing over their local competition.

The bottom line is, either you are advertising or you’re not. For Google, digital ads are in reality a must if you want to use the web, mobile and Google’s ubiquitous search to grow your fortunes. As someone wise told me early in my digital marketing career, every day you don’t run an ad is a day you lose business to your competitors. I’ve found that to be true year in and year out.

If SEO alone were enough, well, Sergei Brin and Larry Page wouldn’t have days where they make $8 billion. Plus, you and every one of your competitors would all rank #1 in Google search.

Get your digital marketing more balance and start reaping the rewards.

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